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Over 700 educational lessons
195+ hours of expert content
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Academy members gain access to all courses ($199 values), including:

You SUCK at Subnetting!

Master Subnetting and IP addressing with this foundational course.


Python RIGHT NOW!! (in progress)

Become proficient in Python and level up your career now.


Linux for Hackers

Start hacking by learning foundational Linux skills.


Intro to Bug Bounty Hunting and Web Application Hacking

Learn how to get started in the field of ethical hacking.


Introduction to Kasm Workspaces

Create your own hacking workspace & learn potential Kasm use cases in cybersecurity and remote work.



Learn CCNA 201-301 networking fundamentals to prepare you for a successful IT career.


Bash Scripting RIGHT NOW!!! (in progress)

Automate tasks and improve your Linux efficiency with BASH scripting.


Kubernetes Beginner Course 

Start learning Kubernetes with our beginner course. This course is perfect for beginners with no prior Kubernetes experience.


Kubernetes Intermediate Course

Take the next step in your Kubernetes journey with NetworkChuck Academy. Enroll in our Kubernetes Next-Level course and unlock your potential as an advanced Kubernetes practitioner.


Kubernetes Advanced Course

This advanced course is meticulously designed for seasoned Kubernetes practitioners who aspire to achieve expertise in the most intricate aspects of Kubernetes orchestration and management.


Windows Fundamentals

Dive into IT with our Windows Fundamentals course led by NetworkChuck. Master Microsoft Windows basics and prime yourself for advanced IT progression.